Role of Realtors:

Realtors are invited to actively participate in our Consortium for Real Estate Development involving Real Estate agents in various roles, enabling them to take part in arrangement of Investments for Residential and Commercial sectors, as well as participate in other areas, such as Sale & Purchase of assets of Development.

Realtors can actively participate in the Sale/Purchase of LAND as well as the Sale of UNITS from the project. We have a number of projects (SEE ATTACHMENTS) that require your expertise.

A very large team of Mortgage Brokerages and Private Lenders are part of our Consortia that can find you solutions to the most difficult and “Challenging Mortgages”.

  1. Our Partner-Law firm creates Equity Partnership for your investors who want to participate in Real Estate Development with you facilitating the investment.
  2. Participation of Real Estate agents in “Marketing and Business Development”.
  3. Get referral commissions for “Mortgages and other alternate Project Financing” requirement of our development clients and also for your own personal clients.

Become our “Consortium Team Member” and participate through your expertise in “Investments, Sale/Purchase, Project Management, Planning, Engineering, Construction Management, and Approvals etc.

Vision 2021

CCAM Consultants for Canadian Asset Management Inc. came together through a team of individuals with years of experience in Real Estate Development. All the members of core team specialize in own discipline and represent teams made up of Branding & Marketing experts, Architects , Planners, Engineers,  Contracts Managers, Construction Manager, Fund Raising, Capital  Management, Legal Firms, Real Estate and Mortgage Specialist..

  • We work with a pool of Canadian and Middle-Eastern investment partners, who participate in our projects as project owners and equity partners. CCAM acts as a turn-key Development Consultants for the investors so that a team of experts see the project from initiation to finish.

Role & Objectives of CCAM Inc

  • Project ID/ Research
  • Identify and research for projects worthy of interest. Once shortlisted all the relevant data will collected analyzed and presented as a summary for investors.
  • Client / Partner Relation
  • Meet and identify new investment partners . Create relationships with High Net worth Individuals, MIC’s, Banks and Private Equity firms.
  • Project Management
  • Planning / architecture / engineering
  • Sales Partners – Realty Partners
  • Create relationship with tenants for commercial sales, have permanent preferred relations with real estate brokerages for sales etc.
  • Project Projection
  • Banking Facilitation
  • Legal Structuring and documentations
  • Project Selection Calculations
  • Market Research

Development Strategy for “Equity Partnership”

  • Involvement of lawyers from contracts to trust account and safe guarding interest of all partners
  • Creation of a “ Trust Account” through a Canadian Law Firm managed by trustees, which are the Investors themselves.
  • Day to day accounting and financial Control through independent certified financial advisor
  • Feedback on progress, cost, approval, planning, engineering, sales, mortgage through licensed & certified 3rd party consultants
  • Part of decisions and strategy for development as per the feed back of Master Planners, Architects, Engineers and other team involved in development.
  • Managing Contractor and issues related to Construction Management.

Keeping eye on Sales and Marketing strategy for best revenue for the project.

Development Focus:

  • Land Acquisition and Land Banking
  • Residential Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Purpose Built Residential
  • Student Housing
  • Seniors Residences
  • Religious Communal Development
  • Rent Specific Developments
  • Restaurants for Lease
  • Storage Facilities
  • Hotels and Rental Seniors Buildings
  • Commercial spaces and retail sector